When I’m with my mum or girlfriends our conversations most of the times leads to the topic of multiple partners. Its so common these days that we can’t help it but talk about it.

Some say its got to do with ethnicity others say it’s in man’s nature, well the true is that both man and woman are choosing to have affairs out side relationships, especially man. So, are we capable of being with only one person or is monogamist the way forward?

I know this is a very delicate subject to write about, but the reality is we know some people have more than one partner. By this I mean taking another wife or girlfriend or having affairs outside of a marriage or committed relationships. According to African mans having more than one wife or partner can be a status symbol for the men – it shows they are not only desirable but says: ‘Look at me- I can afford to keep two women and double the number of children.’

We know that noone goes onto a relationship expecting to have their significant other find another. Yet time and time again we hear stories of woman and men distraught when they find out that the person they thought they knew has broken that scared vow and been intimate with someone else.

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Greetings everyone!! Are you ready to bring some brightness into your lives? I am sure you are not surprised whith my choice of colour tone. I think I could even classify it as “My colour passion” does this expression even exist? Well I don’t know, but one thing I’m certain of is that I could wear theses tones all year around. I mean if there are people that wear black all year around, why can’t I?

So, while I was going through some of my favourite online stores, I have noticed that I’m not the only one that is into this colour tone, with the launch of the new Gucci collection by the man himself Tommy (yes! we are close like that, I don’t call him by his second name Ford) who wouldn’t? It blends well with Autumn, wouldn’t you agree? I guess it’s time for me to check out my piggy-bank and I hope I have saved enough coins because Gucci I’m coming back… xoxoxo

1.Gucci Jacket, 2. Gucci Lurex Plisse Skirt, 3.Chloe Boots, 4.Topshop feather Coat, 5. Charlotte Olympia sandals, 6.Gucci Skirt, 7. Rochas Belted Coat, 8. Larsson & Jennings watch, 9.Topshop Midi Skirt, 10.Gucci mules, 11.Topshop Polo Top, 12. Topshop Suede Skirt.

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Hair Tutorial: Side-Down Braid

Hiar 8

Greetings guys, we only have two months until the end of the year, can you believe it? But, you know what this means, right? Party season!!!!!! So, to keep you inspired, I thought of bring you a slightly different blog post that could be as appreciative as the regular outfit posts.

Ozzy and I teamed up for this post to bring you a simple step by step hair turorial to help you get creative for the up and coming festive season. I’m not sure If you still remember Ozzy but he is my Hairstylist and friend that specialises in hair extensions (he is the one how does my Brazilian Knots) and there isn’t anything this man cannot do.

I hope you enjoy it guys x

Hair Extensions by Style is my thing Lux (here)/ Ozzy Tudo Hairstylist for bookings (here)

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