Hey guys, before anything else I would like to wish you all a happy belated fathers day. I hope you all had the chance of seeing you’re father and spend some quality time together this Sunday, next to your Dad and loved ones. Heidi and I went for a late lunch on this day and this was what I wore. As you can see I couldn’t just wear black and white, I had to add a little ‘somethin-somethin’, to make things a little more interesting. As I once read “Boldly dare to be a “Pop Of Colour in a black and white world”- that’s what I did!

Solace London (similar), M&S Polka Dot shirt (similar), ACNE Studio cape, Dior Sunglasses (here), Celine shoes (similar) or (similar), Valentino bag (similar)

Enjoy it xoxo

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Hello folks! It’s that time of the year when sales, holidays and summer meets and you end up having to choose which one you really want to invest in. But, if you honestly ask me I feel like getting away. Planning a much needed mid-season city break before the real summer hits?

I seem to have a summer itch for a cheeky city break getaway right now… but what to include on your city break packing list? With Instagram moments in mind (of course!) we want to look on-trend at all times, while keeping it stylish and comfy as we explore the city and why not combine a post with my best picks of the high streets and of the designer SALES, for the best of both worlds? Here is a quick 7 outfits for you to rock during a 7 day city break gateway.

How would you select an ensemble that’ll be comfortable enough to travel in, but chic enough to keep you from feeling invisible? You surely wouldn’t enjoy sitting in a tight dress, nor would you want to sit around in your tracksuit bottoms and an oversized sweatshirt, you might as well be in pyjamas. Lucky for you, here are a few suggestions that will keep the perfect balance between cozy and cool.

Kept it California-cool; add a straw fedora, converses and the distressed short .

1- John Lewis tee, 2-Rag & Bone Fredora straw, 3- Topshop denim shorts, 4- Building Block Bag and 5-converse

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Hello guys! I hope you are all having a great week so far. I have been on the hunt for a great pair of brogues for a while and when I saw these ones I did not hesitate for one minute although I’ve always wanted the lanvin brogues in black but they don’t seem to go down in price and when they do, they don’t have any in my size. So I just gave up and went for these ones instead, but if it’s meant to be, we’ll cross paths again. I love bringing femininity with a touch of masculinity together, it’s like a bitter sweet type of thing, you know…. I don’t think you will ever find me dressed “pretty”, I think there always has to be that element of toughness. But, I think this comes down to personality sometimes.
We’ll speak soon xx

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Hi guys! It’s an honour to share this rare moment with you! In Partnership with Luisa Via Roma (one of my favourite online retailers destinations), I’m very excited to announce a €300 giveaway today! For your chance to win, here is what you have to do…

1. Subscribe to Luisa Via Roma’s newsletter (please click here)

2. Follow both myself @styleismything and @LuisaViaRoma on twitter & Instagram

3. Repost this picture and hashtag SIMTforLVR

4. Leave me a comment here on the blog with your name and email address.

***The winner will be announced on the first week of July.

Thank you Luisa Via Roma for the opportunity and support and as always, thank you guys for stopping by!


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In the blink of an eye I have just turned another year older, can time slow down for just a little bit? Oh well!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes guys you made my day. As you can see England does not seem to want to make it’s mind up about the weather, it’s constantly changing and that is starting to drive me insane.

Doesn’t this post make you smile? Exactly!!! Just what I wanted, it’s contagious, isn’t it? I had so many lovely people smiling at me for no reason that I came to realise that it must have been my outfit, I even got photo bombed by a group of lovely ladies ( The image is not included with this post). The Key is to not over do it and it doesn’t necessarily need to be bright, although that’s not what I usually do as you can see but that’s how I like to express myself- “Do what I say and not what I do”. But carrying on… I preferably like to play with Analogous colour scheme (colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel) because the colour combinations approach are more harmonious and pleasing to the eye compared to Complimentary colours (colours that are opposite each other on a basic colour wheel).

But guys, remember to add neutral colours to balance out the look, neutrals such as: white, camel, gray, brown, black and navy. These colours help to visually even out the look, in relation to the rest of your outfit. It supports your chosen color-blocking style technique, whether it is Complementary or Analogous.
I was wearing: Zara Top (similar), Solace London culottes UK10 (recommend) (here) or (here), Roksanda coat (similar), Valentino (similar), Christian Louboutin (here), River Island earrings (here), More is love necklace (here) 

Speak soon loves and stay tuned for the next post I’ve got a surprise for you xxx

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