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In the mean time, we will try to keep up with the blog content but bear with me because this is still all new to me and I’m on an intense short term corse aiming to master this new slitghly advanced platform called WordPress.

As for the blog post “The skirt that elongate the frame and flattering the figure no matter your body type?”… sounds good to me!
Here are a few tips to help you find the right one for you…


We have been shooting all around Nottingham lately and there are people that are starting to recognise me, because of the locations where we shoot. So, we have to improvise and always be on the hunt of new hidden treasures and look out for places that people normally don’t pay attention to. You will be surprised how blogging is still new to a lot of people and I get people approaching me and asking me if I’m a model or if I am shooting a portfolio. Then you will find me having a conversation with a total stranger.

You have probably noticed that I love a good pencil skirt and you don’t have to be over 30 to rock them, I personally find that a good high-waisted pencil skirt elongate the frame, flattering the figure no matter the body type. It is easier to wear and is easily transformed from day to night. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one for you:

An A-line skirt would be ideal for curvy woman if you are heavy on the bottom.
If you are a pear shape, then sticking to a solid color pencil skirt.
If your bottom half is slim and trim, try bold patterns/prints to add the illusion of curves.
Go for deep V-neck top or top with ruffles, to give you the appearance of being slimmer If you’re more curvy, if you feel more experimental you can even experiment with colour blocking, it’s also a fun way to express yourself but make sure the darker shade is applied on the areas of your body you don’t want people to notice. I know some daring styles aren’t meant for the office, you can still tone it down with a matching blazer

A high-waisted style with a shorter hemline will add height and a style with a ruched tummy panel will also make a plus-size woman look slimmer. A bigger size will add extra volume to your midsection and a too-tight version will not only make it difficult to walk comfortably, but it will also create unwanted bulges in all the wrong areas so its crucial that you make sure you select the right fit for your body type.
If you were not blessed with the Kim K curves then create an hourglass look with a belt that’s darker than the top and skirt or add a peplum top.
When standing up straight, your pencil skirt should always look smooth. If you have bumps or rolls, the skirt is too tight. Go up a size. It will make sitting at your desk, as well as getting in and out of a vehicle a much more pleasant experience!
When it comes to rocking a pencil skirt for the office, choose a neutral color, which works for nearly any setting and can also be worn for those last-minute happy hour get-togethers. Make sure you tuck in your blouse to better define your waist and give your outfit an overall polished flair. You can also pair it with a fitted blazer or a sleek cardigan.
Finally when wearing a pencil skirt for a casual weekend outing, you could pair it with a slouchy sweater or tied-up jean shirt. Add sneakers or slipper-style shoes to make this look even more casual. You can even wear a classic t-shirt tucked in and pair it with simple earrings and a necklace to go for a more effortlessly stylish look.
For girls from age 15-25 for a more youthfull and on trend look opt for a jersey skirt, paired with ankle boots (flats or midi heel), a white tee to soften up the look and a biker jacket for that rock an roll vibe.

But remember getting dressed up is suppose to be fun! Don’t take it too seriously, till next time guys have a good week ahead of you xx



name of the photo
name of the photo



Zara top (similar), Zara skirt (similar) Marni fur stole (similar), Primark tights (similar), Louboutin Shoes (similar) or (here), Celine Box bag (similar) or (here)



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