(Photos by Soraya De Carvalho) (Esta e a Ponte 25 de Abril) (Here is the 25th of April Bridge) Hello everyone, as I have said perviously our trip was short but very pleasant. Its always

(Photos by Soraya De Carvalho)
(Esta e a Ponte 25 de Abril) (Here is the 25th of April Bridge)

Hello everyone, as I have said perviously our trip was short but very pleasant. Its always a pleasure to revisit the places where I had some of my best childhood memories while growing up. Lisbon is one of those places. When I was little, my parents and I used to visit the city as much as we possibly could. Although, back in the day lisbon used to be much colder (during winter) and not so hot (during summer) or maybe I wasn’t used to the cold as I was living in a country with the summer average of 40°c. For some reason we only used to go here during winter time (Europe) which nowadays I wonder why if it was so cold but that’s all I can remember.
I hope these photos helps you getting to know the city a little bit. 

     Olá a todos, como eu já tinha dito antes a nossa viagem foi curta, mas muito agradável. É sempre um prazer rever os lugares onde eu tive algumas das melhores memórias de infância, enquanto crescia. Lisboa é um desses lugares. Quando eu era pequena, os meus pais e eu costumáva-mos visitar a cidade sempre que podíamos. Embora, antigamente Lisboa costumava ser muito mais fria (no inverno) e não tão quente (durante o verão), ou talvez eu não estava acostumada com o frio porque estava a viver em um país com média de 40 ° c durante o verão. Por alguma razão nos só costumava-mos ir durante o inverno (Europa), que nos dias de hoje eu me pergunto porque se fazia tanto frio, mas isso é tudo que eu consigo me lembrar.
Espero que estas fotos ajudem-vos a conhecer um pouco mais a cidade.

(Sanata Justa Lift)
Is one of the most visited places in Lisbon, the view from above is breathtaking- it first opened in 1902 .    
(Rossio Square Fountains- The City Center)
In the middle ages it used to be where executions, celebrations and bullfights happened and now its one of the must popular places for people to meet.  
(Discoveries Monument in Tagus River)
The Discoveries Monuments (where the statue is located ) was where Vasco Da Gama’s (the first man to discover India) first ships sailed to explore and trade with India and Orient.        
(Lisbon Trams) 

(Restouradores Square Obelisk -City Center)
Its located at the the southeast end of Avenida da liberdade just 2 minutes walking from Rossio Square. 
(River Tagus/ Rio Tejo) 
It’s a long river that borders between Portugal and Spain and empties into the Atlantic Ocean- a 10 minute walk from where I took this photo.
(The Hieronymites Monastery/ Jeronimos Monastery)
Is one of Portugal’s prominent monuments of the Manueline style Architecture (very late Gothic) 

(Pasteis de natas/Pastes the Belem/ Portuguese egg Tart Pastry)  
A trip to Lisbon is never complete without the infamous Pastries de nata from the best in the world ‘The Casa Pasteis de Belem’. 
(The casa Pasteis de Belem)
Is located in Santa Maria de Belem since 1837, they have never shared their original recipe with anyone and to make sure it stays that way,  employees have to sign a contract.
They produce between 20,000 to 30,000 natas per day.

(Jeronimos Monastery Portal) 
(The Lisbon tramway) 
(25 de abril bridge)
(Santo Amore Marina)
(Raspberry wine Sangria)
Frist time trying it and it taste just like it looks…YUMMMM! 

(Santo Amora Marina) 
Sorry guys, I can’t remember what we ordered that day but I hope you’ll get the idea.
(Christ The King Statue) 
Its a catholic monument, inspirad by the Christ the redeemer in Brazil 

(We stayed at Sana Lisboa Hotel)
(Iphone photos)

The end
Thanks for passing by 



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