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 Hello everyone as I promise, you can now have a closer look of the Brazilian Knots Technique that is applied to my hair. I must say this is one of the most requested posts asked by you so

 Hello everyone as I promise, you can now have a closer look of the Brazilian Knots Technique that is applied to my hair. I must say this is one of the most requested posts asked by you so here it is.
I will try to be as clear and precise as I can… 
The picture below shows how the application is done, this time Ozzy (my hairdressers) is using brown thread because I was going to change my hair colour but normally he uses black, so if you are blond or going to dye  your hair blond you will need blond hair extensions. Therefore,  lighter thread colour. 
 My real hair is relaxed so if you are thinking of getting this technique done there is no other way but relax your hair, that way the knots last for longer.
  Some of you have asked about the volume of my hair and this is were Ozzy does the MAGIC. Normally the knots are really small but as you might have notice I L.O.V.E volume so I ask Ozzy to add more hair into regular/normal strip size of hair separated to achieve the results I want  (I’m hopping I’m making some since here) 
 They come in bunches like this without wefts and here are some of the hair Ozzy had in stock in his salon that day. And if you guys want  advise on how to distinguished good quality hair from bad quality hair is on the price and the quality…Good hair should NEVER come cheap, some of “us” get grabbed by cheap prices but it will not last you  long because quality product are never cheap and  I rather  pay for long lasting quality hair and that is why I only  buy hair twice a year.
 Ozzy is very flexible some time when I can’t go to the salon, he comes to me so he can travel anywhere you are in the UK but extra charges will be applied. For more information you can contact him here:
   246 Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0SD
Ozzy: 0161 7877661 / 07902326461
Web: http://www.glowingsalon.com/  Email: beauty@glowingsalon.com
Don’t forget to mention that you saw the post on my blog and mention my name Soraya for a discount
 So, I was ready for a change and let me tell you I wasn’t sure about this but  If didn’t work I would go back to dark hair but gladly it did.
 Another question where your hair from? The hair I use is Brazilian and I think is the same as everyone else’s… I’m not the one who buys my hair, I ask both of my parents to buy hair for me when they are abroad and believe it or not my Dad is the best when it comes to buying hair 😉 I don’t know how he does it, but he brings me the longest (almost till the end of my Bum) and the softest hair from Brazil which last me for years and the ones my Mums buys comes from Angola (but the hair is originally from Brazil) is good too and lasts me for years and as I keep on using it get shorter .
 I never throw away hair I just keep on adding hair and this particular one has been re-used for two years now, so do some research on the Internet and you will find good online stores that sells. 
 I do NOT get my hair from any online stores and that is not because I don’t want to but because I’m lucky enough to have my parents to buy them personally for me.
And NO! My parents do NOT sell hair, if it’s that what you were going to ask me…  
The application take four to five hours to finish but is worth it because it last me three to four months (for some people even longer) with maintenance in-between
 Also I will be honest here guys, If you are wanting to wear extensions and at the sometime you looking to grow your hair while you have the extantison on, this technique is not for you…This will NOT help grow your hair. 
Think carefully before you consider having Brazilian knots done.
 Now here is the final result, I’ll dye my hair again next week for the result I was looking for. Do you think I should just leave it like this?
  Well I hope I have answered all your questions and If you still have more questions just comment below and I’ll be glad to answers them :).
Thanks for passing by



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